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Create greeness by natural materials自然塑造绿色

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

When many brand often say how green technology they are ,but designers always do nothing or just so so.but there are always abundant inspirations on brand's DNA or products . may in colors or in shape or something just sights.

CAPSUGEL ranks first-levle in the world in the field of capsules. Its  capsules emphasize green. After the incidents of poisonous capsules happened from otherbrands in the China market, the society's demand for green health is particularly important. As a leader, it has made an leader role in highlighting green.

We need to use natural materials to design eye-catching design. In looking for materials, we find "luffa", and then combine different product shapes, and then stick "thorn" on it, so it will look like it.

luffa, capsugel
design stuff

Can you imagine what these two stuffs can be made of above?

Understanding the concept of product has always been a difficult issue in the pharmaceutical industry. It may not be necessary for the pharmaceutical experts to design it. But for the brand, there is still a problem of communication between brand and customers. Why complex if it is simple?so we have to transform complex into simplicity.

  • Tip 1 Tools and materials

tools and materials

  • Tip 2 restructure it .

restructure shape

  • Tip 3 visualization)

See greenness in the easiest understanding way

green capsugel
green capsugel

green capsugel

Many visitors showed smiles when they saw the design, and left greeness concept in their mind.

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